Comfier With a Couch [+Story!] by Vairos

Comfier With a Couch [+Story!]


27 March 2015 at 15:24:04 MDT

From the corner of the room, the television blared its torrent of meaningless noise. Some crappy panel show headed by Jimmy Carrnivore drivelled on to a disinterested audience, as Ardan lay sprawled end-to-end across the sofa like a discarded shirt.

Up until this point, the young dragon had been spending his afternoon attempting to read, and when his motivation for that had run dry, he switched his attention to playing whatever he had to hand on his handheld. Now even that lay on the floor next to a sheer ocean of litter consisting of chocolate wrappers, pepsi cans, and apple cores, and he was fast running out of things to keep himself occupied.

Ideally, at this point in time he should have been out looking for a new place to live. Since his contract had run out on his apartment and he found himself unable to renew, he had spent the past week or so bunking with his sister and her elephant housemate, Keira. Neither of them seemed to mind too much since the house was often left unattended for a great deal of time anyway, what with Sorcha spending most of her time out working and Keira…well, Ardan wasn’t exactly sure what it was she did. Whatever it was, it seemed to provide her with a more sporadic timetable so he could never tell when she was around.

As the day stretched on, Ardan groaned and rubbed at his tired, scaled eyelids. He rolled onto his belly, in the process knocking the television remote off the sofa’s cushion and sending it toppling down onto the cover of a tented magazine that had only earlier been tossed aside. He rolled his eyes and stirred, but inwardly accepted that this was to be the device’s new permanent residence for the rest of the day. Retrieving it would require both effort and energy that he didn’t have in him. It looked as though fate was more interested in where the remote ended up than Ardan was, and who was he to argue?

The door leading to the kitchen opened from behind and he responded to the noise with a half-hearted wave of hello. He figured it was going to be Sorcha’s buddy, Keira, half because of the inherent psychic powers he always suspected he possessed, and half because he had already seen her passing by a few minutes ago. In the process she’d said something about wanting to sit down but Ardan had either forgotten or not bothered to listen in the first place. One could never tell these days.

She stepped in front of his view of the television screen, her wide hips always being the first thing one saw of the elephant.

Presumably having some kind of day off that allowed her to forgo the typical white robes she wore, Ardan was struck with a sense of confusion to see her in casual clothing. Not that there was much wrong with it, it just seemed strange to see her dressed normally. Today, “normal” amounted to a baggy strap top that still somehow couldn’t contain the bulk of her gut, and a pair of short shorts that had presumably been purchased in days before her ass had swelled to its current proportions.

In her left hand she held a bowl of nachos and in her right some kind of green, unappetising looking dip. She had her trunk coiled tightly around the neck of a two-litre bottle of Fanta. Ardan bit down a query on why she hadn’t settled for peanuts as a snack, remembering what she did to the last guy who told a joke like that around her.

She was a well-mannered girl at the best of times, but she always managed to take casual comments like that to heart before finding a way to resolve the matter in some long tortuous fashion. Usually – though she rarely explained why – with her rear…

She cast a judgemental eye on the litter piling by the foot of the sofa but gave no comment to the situation, instead saying: “Shift, please. There’s something on the other channel I wanted to watch.”

“I can’t,” Ardan replied almost instantly. He tilted his neck as best he could without actually having to adjust his position while he attempted to bend the light of the television screen around the elephant’s voluptuous form. “I’m watching…this…”

“What is it? You didn’t seem too focussed earlier.”

“It’s…really interesting…” Ardan said, without bothering to check what was on.

Keira craned her neck backwards. It was a show about four furs taking an hour-long bus ride, and all their exciting conversations during that time. They were discussing the snacks they brought at the moment.

Even the dragon had to admit it looked like the dullest thing ever.

“Right. I suspect you’re not being entirely serious, but we can at least watch to the end if you just get up and budge over.”

“I can’t get up. It is too late.”


“I am now one with this sofa.”


“We have become a single entity.”

Keira blinked. “Okay…Well, I hate to part the happy couple but I’d still appreciate it if you shifted over for me. You know I can’t fit in the other chair.” She gestured with her trunk towards the slim armchair that had proved unaccommodating for her plus-sized cheeks time and again.

“There’s a beanbag in the other room,” the young dragon suggested, making only the vaguest shot at being helpful. “You can go grab that if you need somewhere to sit.”

At this, her elbows lost their tension which seemed to shift to her trunk as it tightened around the bottle. “I’ve got my hands full. Could you go get it for me?”

Ardan laughed. Oh no, it wouldn’t be that easy. He was smarter than this, he told himself, almost certainly wise enough to see through her shrewd little ruse. He relaxed into the sofa even more than anyone could have thought possible and sighed. “I can’t. Me and the bean bag had a falling out earlier. She won’t even give me the time of the day now.”

“You’ll get more than the time of the day from me if you don’t shift,” Keira said darkly.

“Well, that kind of behaviour definitely isn’t going to do you any favours.”

“I don’t want to put all this stuff down on the floor while I’ve got it in here now.”

“The bean bag’s only in the other room. I’ll make sure your stuff is safe and unconsumed, once you account for the appropriate safeguarding tax.”

“What, and you can’t just get your lazy arse up and scooch to the side for me?”

“Nope, afraid not. It’s my day off and my boss recommended I spend my time as comfortably as possible.”

“You don’t even have a job.”

“So, then you know how important it is that I do as the boss man says.”

“Oh come on, now you’re being ridiculous.”

“I blame the sofa. I can feel its cushiony tendrils corrupting my mind. It’s evil, Keira, and for that reason alone you totally don’t want to sit here. The bean bag is the only way.”

But for all he could tell, the elephant had stopped listening. He watched with idle curiosity as she adjusted her grip on the snacks and turned her back to him. With a slight wiggle of her hips, she bent forwards and pushed her voluptuous rear closer to his face, providing a visual threat that even he couldn’t help but pick up on. With a closer view, Ardan could see that “wide” barely began to cover the enormity of her ass. In those shorts, her cheeks were like two fleshy wrecking-balls fighting to break free from their denim prison.

“Move,” she said bluntly. “Or I’m sitting down anyway.”

Ardan hesitated. She did have a point. Two very heavy, rounded, and fleshy ones for that matter. Maybe he should just accept that the joke had run dry here, and it would be in his better interests to get out of the way of her demolishing ass before it was too late. No sofa was worth her back-breaking lessons in chivalry.

But then…He was about to surrender his post when a sudden feeling of stubbornness overwhelmed him, keeping him fastened to his position like Velcro. Why should he give it up now? Was this going to be the future? Was he going to be pushed around all his life? No! No, he wasn’t! Now was the time for assertiveness and he was going to prove it by doing absolutely nothing, which was something that he could say he was very good at. He could stand for anything if it meant not having to stand at all.

“Say please,” he said. Well…okay, maybe he wouldn’t refuse indefinitely. Just long enough to ensure that he still retained some measure of control over the situation. She was paying the bills, after all.

“No.” Her response wasn’t exactly inspiring. “I’m already being nice enough here. One last warning or I’m dropping my arse on you and it’ll be your own fault.”

The threat lingered in the air, and a wiser man would have known to heed the warning before suffering the consequences. Ardan’s brain, however, was muddied by the hours of inactivity he’d lazed through. “You know the beanbag really is a lot more comfortable than I am, right?” he said. “And, y’know, less prone to snaPPAAAAAAAGGH.”

The last word erupted from his mouth in the form of a strained squeal, as several hundred pounds of elephant meat came barelling down on top of him. Keira, having surrendered her diplomatic efforts in favour of a more direct approach, now smashed her weight down against Ardan’s back, her wide rump enveloping his torso and even going so far as to graze against his thighs.

Ardan’s body arced around her ass, and his face tightened through the sudden strain lancing out of the the affected areas. The wind in the dragon’s lungs seemed to realise the peril of his situation and made a desperate escape, leaving him breathless in its wake. His immediate response was to wriggle and writhe beneath her but, like paper beneath an uncaring weight, he wasn’t going anywhere.

“Can’t…breathe…” he complained. “My spine…”

Keira, for her part, pretended not to have heard anything. “Hmm, you know you’re not too bad. I’d actually go so far as to see you’re pretty comfy…though perhaps I could be comfier if I were to…”

Her voice trailed off, and even though she never finished her sentence, Ardan had a pretty good idea of where she was taking it. He was about to let out a stuttering protest when he felt the burden on his back lightening. A chill ran through his blood and he braced himself, but it still wasn’t enough for the sensation of her mighty ass slamming back down on top of him. He let out a wail, and Keira readied herself for the next bounce.

Ardan thrashed and squirmed his only free limb, his left arm. Fat lot of good it did him, as the elephant continued to use his back like some kind of butt-based trampoline. She shifted and rammed her weight repeatedly into the same area, as if trying to hammer the bony nubs that would someday sprout into wings back into his shoulder blades. He clung to the base of the sofa like a piece of driftwood in the middle of the storm, with his claws tearing helplessly into the fabric.

“How’s it feeling back there?” she cackled, in between bounces. Her whole body shook and shivered like disturbed water, her breasts quaking with every sudden jerk and – more tragically – her nachos starting to scatter out of the bowl where they joined the rest of Ardan’s mess. “I’ve…had…mixed reviews… believe it or not!”

Speaking suddenly felt like an impossible task for the beaten dragon. As she slammed him deeper and deeper into the sofa, each word was only able to escape in the slim moments between each impact. “I-feel-aaaagh-like-I’m -about-to-gaaah-break!”

Keira raised her ass and smashed it back down one final time, eliciting only one last shattered whimper from the broken cushion beneath her.

Satisfied her torment was complete, Keira dropped the bottle down onto her lap and used her trunk to swipe her unsettled fringe back into some semblance of order. With the battle won, she reclined into her position. Ardan was now no more than extra padding for her throne, a simple cushion that graced her ass. The dragon’s skinny body wasn’t perfect but as she crossed her legs and wriggled her asscheeks one more time, she had to say she liked the difference he made to the couch.

She might ask Sorcha if she could keep him. She had an office chair in her room that was losing its comfort, and Ardan might vastly improve it. The idea had her giggling.

She set the bowl of nachos on the arm of the sofa on her right side, and was met with the sudden predicament of not knowing where to place the dip for convenient access. A weary groan from the flattened dragon beneath her provided sudden and sufficient inspiration, and a cruel smile spread across her face.

“Stay still, will you?” she instructed, grabbing his left horn and placing the dip onto his head, between the two bony protrusions. Satisfied, she reached down and retrieved the remote from its fallen position. “This is a six hour Doctor Who marathon that’s about to begin and I’m not planning on missing a second.”

Ardan let out a weak, whimpering groan and gave one last pathetic wriggle for freedom. Keira sighed and dunked the first of many nachos onto the bowl weighing down his head, and he eventually resigned himself to his new position as draconic furniture. This was going to be a long day…

This one was a lot of fun. I was lucky enough to grab the opportunity for this image in a stream, and it just looked so great that I needed to give it a story. I love the extra detail of Ardan tearing into the base of the sofa.

Art by jintonic
Characters belong to vairos

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