New Sona Lighting Test by VAF (critique requested)

New Sona Lighting Test (critique requested)


12 January 2020 at 16:18:35 MST

with body shape figured out, it's on to the markings! pictured above is a test to see how well the colors looked when they glow, which is going to be a thing that this character can do, aside from what the markings will look like normally in daylight.

now that i was happy with the head shape, it was time to move onto the body. i took inspiration from several animals, from dinosaurs, to ferrets, leopards geckos, ants, and even lemurs. the wings are from dragonflies, and i'm surprised that everything has worked out as well as they have. once the body design is figured out, it's onto the markings!

If you like my art, and would like to see more, I have a channel on telegram! It's also a great way to learn more about any upcoming projects, deals, or special announcements!

if you would like to get to know me better, or wanna spark up a chat, I also have a chat group! I promise there will be pictures of my pets included!

any critiques are welcome, as well as any questions, comments or concerns!

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    I'll bet this guy dominates the dance floor at raves.

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      with luck, that's the plan!