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Bloody Tooth and Claw by V1rus

Bloody Tooth and Claw


2 of 3 sketch comission for fiorina fiorina! I kind of fell in love with Fox after starting this soooooo yeeaaahh

He'll be popping up more.

Also way past mad he didn't appear in any more games because uhM CROSSDRESSING PSYCHO ASSASSIN YES PLEASE OKAY

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    He was easily one of my favourite BR characters to play. I'm so sad the replaced him with the bat chick. :C
    GREAT rendition of him, femme and bara at the same time!<3

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      Waah, so many thanks! <3 I'm super glad he seemed to come out so well! And if Jenny's supposed to be his replacement, then I'll quickly opt for them to switch lel

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    Yeah his move set was pretty much handed over to Jenny the Bat

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      THAT MAKES ME EVEN MORE BUTTHURT I only like Jenny for how she plays Q Q I was so disappoint when I saw her bat form for the first time. She looks more half-beast than Uriko .-.

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        Well she does come off as a hooker, Kinda like a succubus, or vampiress. I like using her only because I enjoy the move set, but like I said Fox boy pretty much had the same or similar moves. Though as for the Assassin thing, that was given to Bayaku the Mole As he is an assassin as well. I wonder if he had gotten killed in the first game.... TIME TO LOOK IT UP!!!

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    Three, nevermind :D