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Savuti Wild Dogs #1 by Utunu

Savuti Wild Dogs #1


8 July 2015 at 22:01:15 MDT

So, as some of you may know, I recently went to Africa.
I had been wanting to for some time, and we (Kikivuli and I) were fortunate enough to find some like-minded individuals to go with!

As is obvious to anyone who knows me, my main personal objective, above all else, was to find African wild dogs in the wild. They're exceedingly rare, and are the most endangered carnivore in Africa (along with the Ethiopian wolf), so sightings are quite infrequent. We attempted to maximize our chances by extending our trip for several days after the main group trip, and I'm really happy we did, 'cause that's when we finally found some!

It was a wonderful sighting, and I took many many photos. I'll probably write a journal about it sometime in the future. But I figured I'd share some of my favorite photos with you all!

If anyone's interested in a print of any of the ones I post, let me know. They were taken in 6000x4000 resolution, so they will look quite nice as posters. :)

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    Oh, that's amazing - I'm so glad you saw them!

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      Thank you! So am I. :) It was very much the top item on my bucket list!

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    Such amazing animals! Effective hunters, and I hear they're actually quite intelligent and have a very sophisticated social/pack structure.

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      Very effective! And very social, with a complex pack structure, you are correct. They're quite fascinating, I've researched them a lot.

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        Like me and my jaguars! Sometimes, what starts out being an animal avatar ends up as so much more...

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          Haha, this is definitely true! :)