Hero (NMA) by UnstoppableLuka

Hero (NMA)


16 May 2018 at 16:02:29 MDT

"Tell me, Reaper..dose a creature like yourself...a wannabe god, a tyrant, and coward....do you feel fear?" Luka walked toward the alien, his cybernetic arm crackling in energy. The Synth lord bared his teath, and drew his blade, igniting the black fire upon it, and bellowing a swear at the wolf in his native tongue.
"YOUR A FOOL, WOLF! You, your species, your worlds, your entire reality stands at the precipice of annihilation! And yet you STILL refuse to kneel to your TRUE lord! ME! You, Your Vascerian brethren, the humans, the Goan, and the Khazicians! None of them yield to greater power! That is why they will all BURN! "
Luka grinned. "Couple things, Xuldama. First of all, Humans are violent hairless apes. They are stubborn and kneel to no one. The Khazician Dwarves are even MORE stubborn then humans are, so good luck making them kneel. And the Goan Star Elves? Good luck!" Luka laughed loudly at the alien lord's apparent ignorance toward the galaxy's inhabitants before speaking again. "So...sounds to me like you DO feel fear...good, learn that feeling, cause in a few seconds, all you will feel is Oblivion!" His right arm glowed, and energy crackled, filling the room. Luka's fur and Xuldma's hair stood on end, and the air dried. the halls of the temple glowed the color of the Rangers power cells. A bright blue tint filled the room as Luka's eyes glowed a similar bright blue to contrast Xuldama's bright red. The battle of the God's was about to begin. a battle that would decide the fate of the galaxy. Luka stood alone against Xuldama.

This was a commission from kien-biu on Furaffinity.

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