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Pearl the Purrloin Dressed for a Night Out by Unownace

Pearl the Purrloin Dressed for a Night Out


“What’s that, you delicious morsel? The veil? Oh that’s just to deter me from getting ‘snacky’ tonight. Fresh blood pudding and extra rare meat from ‘innocent’ sources is so fattening and I’m trying to maintain my figure. I’m saving myself for the REALLY ‘bad stuff.’ Oh, and no thank you. I don’t drink…wine. >;3”

Been a looong time since I’ve drawn my daywalker (half-vampire) Purrloin oc, and was in the mood to do something a little cheeky with her. Being that she’s in a romantic relationship with my Lucario jewel thief OC, Calvin Ruth (seen here: and that she’s strictly a “badguyitarian” (will only drain the blood of the most awful people she can find), she’s here staking out a party for some of the region’s richest Pokemon while her lover sneaks off to find all the goodies he can in all the unguarded safes.

Cal doesn’t 100% trust Pearl to stave off her hunger for quite so long so they both agreed to have her wear an enchanted veil that will only come off with the help of a magic seal held by Cal. But while she can’t get “bitey” until later, she CAN have a bit of fun seducing the local billionaires, maybe slink off with a few to tie them to a bed and swipe their valuables. ;P

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