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Zurine the Pikachu's Casual Attire (Commission) by Unownace

Zurine the Pikachu's Casual Attire (Commission)


A commission for notmolo :of his Pikachu Libre OC Zurine in the clothes the typically wears when not in the ring. I was given full creative freedom for her outfit so I went with a kind of "Tex-Mex/City Cowgirl" look.

The tail sock (sewn to her tights at the base of the tail) isn't just for aesthetic, it's to hide the "Cosply Pikachu heat-pattern," since Zurine treats her Luchador career with a sense of devoted adherence to tradition (being unmasked either in the ring or her "secret identity" being released to the public is an irredeemable dishonor, like removing one's helmet is for a member of the Children of the Watch sect of Mandalorians.) The only other Pokémon who knows her "true identity" is Kari Savvy the Plusle whom Zurine is in a lesbian relationship with.

She also tries to hide the tiny scar on her forehead with her scruffy hair, though since in the ring it's always covered by her mask in this case it's more because she just doesn't like how it looks, though Kari always tells her "scars are sexy lassy!~"

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