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Cosmo's "Aggressive Negotiations" by Unownace

Cosmo's "Aggressive Negotiations"


So I've been wanting to draw Cosmo the Seedrian from Sonic X (or any Seedrian, fanmade or canon) lately, and also wanting to experiment with some more "dramatic lightsaber-in-burning-hallway" stuff, so I thought..."Cosmo duel-wielding green lightsabers!" Especially poignant now with the Ahsoka series releasing soon...ANOTHER badass space-woman with two lightsabers who takes after her former mentor with her love of cutting through walls and floors with style.

As for the context of what's happening in this image...I dunno, maybe Cosmo was brought back to life with similar cloning tech used to make Shadow, with the side-effect of her now having psychic powers and an attitude. Perhaps Tails had been kidnapped by Eggman or some shady Earth organization and "CosmoTwo" is having NONE of that.