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Chris Roberts' New "Guard Uniform" Demonstration (Commission) by Unownace

Chris Roberts' New "Guard Uniform" Demonstration (Commission)


A commission for Dragon287 featuring his villainous Shadow Lucario OC, "Chris Roberts" showcasing a newly designed "guard uniform" to his minions/followers at his personal theater in his "evil lair."

His Raichu "volunteer" (hypnotized to ensure compliance) is being presented sporting a skin-tight spandex-like outfit with features that make it almost resemble "ninja garb," but with goggles for extra protection and ballet-slippers both for aesthetic flare as well as allowance for maximum mobility to perform acrobatic attacks.

The utility-harness is fitted with several loops and pouches to hold a wide variety of weapons and items.

The suit itself is infused with extremely durable materials that offer some resistance to stabbing and fire-based attacks, and extra layers of armour can be added for more hostile environments and adversaries.

Chris Roberts' own "emblem" is printed on the forehead of the mask to make it absolutely clear whom any would-be attacker or intruder is messing with.

For information about commissions please see my rule sheet:


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    I like that servant uniform and the red eyes is also a nice touch.

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      Thank you. ;3