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A Latias and a Flygon Exploring the Deep (Commission) by Unownace

A Latias and a Flygon Exploring the Deep (Commission)


A commission for Nightmassacre20 as a kind-of follow-up to this:

The same Flygon and Latias, after taking to the stars to walk on the Moon have now decoded to explore the deepest depths of the ocean in full neoprene scuba gear.

For information about commissions please see my rule sheet (and Alice's "bounty hunter ad," seen above.):

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    So cute!! I love the idea ^^

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      Thank you. :3

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        My pleasure! How are you today? ^^

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          I'm fine.

          Do you ask everyone you meet how they're doing every single day, regardless of how well you know them or the context of the conversation?

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            Yeah, its a good way to express my friendliness and caring nature, I generally only to it at the start of a chat though.

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              It may just be my high-functioning Autism and introversion...but I've always found those cookie-cutter pleasantries like "How are you?" and "Good day to you," etc. redundant unless asked in a relevant context. Like, if I notice someone DOESN'T look okay I'll ask "Are you okay?" out of genuine concern, followed up by "Can I help?" Though even then I mostly reserve this for people I've known for a while because I'm not Superman; I can't solve EVERYONE'S problems.

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                That's fine, I have aspergers myself, I think its more how I choose to express myself as a more optimistic and friendly person, it makes a lot of people happy even if it is as you say redundant. I'm not saying you're wrong choosing to avoid it in conversation, we all have our own communication habits.