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Arden's New "Boy Toy" by Unownace

Arden's New "Boy Toy"


Original upload date: Aug 30, 2017

Re-upload from deviantART.

Based on an RP anthroscout and I had years ago. insert "All You Need is Love" by John Lennon here

In relation to this, though, in canon...Arden is gay. Like... "Ooooh myyyyy!~" gay. XD I WAS going to save the reveal of that for a later chapter in PMD: Civil War, but since it isn't really going to be a significant plot point to the story I figured there's no harm in spoiling it here. XD Interestingly enough though, Arden may be my first officially 100% gay male character I've ever written. XD

I'm not sure if this technically counts as "Yaoi" art either, since they're just cuddling. XD