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King Conrad Katsuo's Head Office (Commission) by Unownace

King Conrad Katsuo's Head Office (Commission)


A commission for Shadowlord90 featuring his Cinccino monarch OC, Conrad Katsuo sitting in his main office at his palace, enjoying a cup of tea after doing some paperwork. Originally the request was to have him sitting on a jewel-encrusted throne, but then we both agreed a more "modern" set-piece would look better. With the polished wooden desk, open window and the two flags of his sovereign nations, L'eau Bleue (on the right, to Conrad's left) and Panjuri Neutrali (On the left, to Conrad's right) draped behind him like you'd see in a movie where the President/Prime Minister of a nation addresses the people regarding some major event or catastrophe that a group of intrepid heroes are taking off in a rocket to combat. Insert Armageddon or Independence Day theme here

For information about commissions please see my rule sheet: