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Pikachu Popstar "Plush" for the Collection by Unownace

Pikachu Popstar "Plush" for the Collection



It appears, in a particular bent-minded Mimikyu's frustration in trying to acquire the exceptionally rare "Pikachu Popstar Plush", it settled for finding an ACTUAL Popstar Pikachu, and, well..."adapting" her to fit the part. >:3

So yeah, three reasons I drew this. First and most obvious, I just plain love drawing creepily cute imagery like this. >:3 Second, some practice to get me back into the swing of drawing again in preparation to start working through that commission backlog. Third and most that Mimikyu...I TOO an desperately searching for an official Pokémon Center Japan Pikachu Pop Star plush, and could use your guys' help in finding an affordable one. All the information you need is right here: