Lucas the Latios (Updated Design) by Unownace

Lucas the Latios (Updated Design)


1 May 2019 at 17:50:42 MDT


Lucas: It's about damn time you gave me a new ref image, Unownace! Ah well, at least the wait was worth it. Gotta say I look a lot cooler in your much improved, fully shaded art style that many people claim looks so 3D it could almost pass for modern CGI. Then again that's just Unownace's opinion speaking THROUGH me and my fourth-wall-breaking abilities, so I'll let the comments decide how awesome my new look is (which by the way is a variation on this: but now with a deeper shade of indigo, an ammo belt and a pouch belt. I may be a blatant rip off of Deadpool but I wanna have an outfit that's not TOO similar to his. Save that for Detective Ryan Reynolds-chu.)