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Autumn Leaves (Part 2) by Unownace (critique requested)

Autumn Leaves (Part 2) (critique requested)



...Well this second part was certainly a wicked case of tone-whiplash, wasn't it? XD Ah well, I wanted to try out a new "writing style" for Mik's part of the story, and since Mik basically has the linguistic intricacies both verbally and mentally of Snowflame trying to do an impression of :the Hulk, a slightly more "comedic" tone was undoubtedly called for. XD Let me know if this "style" worked well or not. XD

And I guess I'll try and see if I can whip up a cover art piece for this story tomorrow, since lately I've been giving all most stories their own cover except EotFF just because it's too damn long. XD