Fate Sealed in Concrete by Unownace

Fate Sealed in Concrete


5 September 2016 at 20:30:18 MDT

DeviantART: http://unownace.deviantart.com/art/Fate-Sealed-in-Concrete-632823551

"FAR too longz haz youz been a sticks-in-the-mudz to my plans, VIXEN! It's timez to CEMENTZ yo'z status'z az "stone-coldz-dead" once an' fuh' all'z! Butteh, look'n da bright side. A'leas ya getta be a new statue on mah front lawn! >:3"

Renee: >o<; ...!

(...Why am I such a sadist...? XD)

Mature filtered obviously because soft core mortal-perill, bondage and "asphyxiation"-torture. XD