We Are Orlando by UnforgivenTrust

We Are Orlando


17 June 2016 at 17:53:44 MDT

I did something for France and Belgium, depicting all of America seemed out of step with the epicenter of the trauma considering what already happened in California... so something for Florida seemed in order. Before I knew it, I was fleshing out an entire character.

As a member of the LGBT community, what happened in Orlando hits close to home. Please let my next Hetalia picture be because of good news.

Credit to :iconsamanthafabisinski99: for submitting her OC on the Hetalia Fan-Made Characters Wikia , my version of Florida is only slightly different.

Name: Florida | Naranja del Flor Carreido-Jones
Capital: Tallahassee
Largest City: Jacksonville
Languages: She was raised bilingual, speaking both Mikasuki and Spanish, she learned a bit of French Creole as well before learning English from her adoptive father.
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 2nd, 1513
Personality: A warm and sunny young woman who loves outdoor activities, storms, and is overall more rugged than the other female states
Height: 5'2"
Body: Petite
Hair: Very dark auburn, straight, neck-length, was classic length until she cut it for WWII, began growing it out again after the war
Eyes: Light Brown
Accent: Standard American
Ethnicity: 50% Seminole, 50% Spanish, culturally part German, Irish, and English
Outfit (Casual): An orange tank top due to Florida oranges, knee-length Spanish skirt that represents Spanish influence, and brown sandals for the abundance of coastline
Tattoos: An alligator tattoo on her right shoulder that she got after WWII representing the everglades
Piercings: Gold-studded right nostril piercing representing central Florida, a golden hoop earring on each ear representing northern and southern Florida, and a golden naval ring representing Miami
Jewelry: A Seminole bracelet her mother beaded representing Seminole Nation
Family/History: Her mother is Seminole Nation, and her father is Spain. Her parents often fought and were separated for a short while, so she lived with England and a teenage America along with her mother before they were once again reunited with Spain. Not long after the reunion however, her parents couldn't afford to keep her and gave her up for adoption. A prosperous young adult America with 26 other children welcomed her and her mother into his growing family. America soon forcibly removed her mother, separating her from her only daughter (now a teenager), and would come to later regret it. Once Florida was a young adult, she rebelled against her adoptive father to join South Carolina, Mississippi, and a growing number of states that were unhappy living under their father's roof. The rebellion failed and Florida and the others were grounded until they stopped being racist assholes lol. She and the other rebellious states did a lot of construction work after the grounding and continued to work hard clear into WWII.

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