Untraveled by UncommonlyNormal

Crabapples tumbled from the small, frail tree, nearly as often as I did.
But that's okay; the grass below was soft.

A wild mulberry tree grew between my yard and the neighbor's, giving me a taste for the sweet. At least, until it became a nuisance for the fencing, and cut down.
But that's okay; all good things must come to an end.

My parents' music echoed through our small one-story home, and I did not understand a single word.
But that's okay; I liked the tune.

The itchy, red, white, and blue dress before a dance recital fitted uncomfortably on me, rubbing every which way.
But that's okay; I had fun performing on a stage.

A coach sent in talented players while keeping me on the bench for the game.
But that's okay; I merely played for the fun of it.

An orchestra teacher separated us based on instruments, leaving me alone.
But that's okay; I liked playing my own part.

As often as I am knocked down, I stay standing twice the time.
Whether a hardship, or merely another point of view, I remain my own.
Just as I was raised to do.
Sure, the road becomes rough on untraveled parts,

But that's okay; I like the views.



26 January 2014 at 00:00:56 MST

I actually wrote this for school a year or two ago, but I like it, eh. Not like I have any other poetry I can be proud of ahah

(c) UncommonlyNormal

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