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DracariOctober #18 by Tyrnn

DracariOctober #18


Welcome, one and all to another wonderful Inktober! 

This year we're supporting the South Sound Reading Foundation in honor of Mondomonger/Axelroo. Thank you for being there for me for a decade!

This year's interactions are going to be a little spicier! We're only going to be increasing heights by a little bit per interaction, but Donations will begin to exponentially compound the results! The earlier the bigger, the better, and borkier!

Voting will be for the next day's theme! Since we're supporting a Literacy Foundation this year, I'll select four possible literary worlds to draw our Derggo into at their given height! Each one will only appear once, so vote carefully!

So how do we make this Dracario bigger? You can help!

Right now, here's how much Interactions are worth:

Likes = 78.576m
Retweets = 196.44m
Voting in the Poll = 78.576m

We're exponentiating pretty fast now! It's surprising we're still on the planet but how long will it last?

Every $1 donated will exponentially begin to increase these values per day, compounding +0.1% per dollar. That means the earlier you donate, the more growth it will compound down the line, and if my math checks out, he could be getting pretty huge, but will they stay on Earth? Only your donations will tell!

I will be counting Likes as Liking on Twitter or Favoriting on FurAffinity. I'd like to do more sites but I don't want to spend too much time collecting data when I could be doodling Derggo!

Retweets will count both Twitter and Bluesky!

Voting will count from the Twitter poll attached to the thread, or by visiting StrawPoll here:

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