Experimentember #01: It Begins by Tyrnn

Experimentember #01: It Begins


1 September 2019 at 18:49:27 MDT

The alarms have been blaring. They knew the Invaders were coming. They had been preparing the whole month with Solution Z experiments and designing the perfect Weapons to counter the three incoming Destroyers. Today, they arrived.

Streaking across the sky, the Invaders smashed into the foothills flanking the gleaming metropolis. They were far from their target of downtown, but with their massive size... it would not be long until they began to rampage...

You can help! During September, dylbun and I will be illustrating the ongoing battles and skirmishes between those who have taken the experimental "Solution Z"
(https://tinyurl.com/y6sxzagn to apply!)

Much like the StompOlympics and LucariOctober, your Likes, Retweets, Voting for Events, and Donations can help turn the tide... for the Defenders of the City, or the Destroyers of Civilization!

To participate today, visit https://twitter.com/Tyrnn/status/1168312554206031872 and https://twitter.com/DylanBunBun/status/1168313936275525633 to help begin accumulating Omega Energy, or you may Donate directly to Dylan and me (50/50) with your larger Omega Energy caches to PayPal.me/Experimentember!

Please check the rules at https://tinyurl.com/yxwbe68u

We will be announcing how this Omega Energy will grow, increase offense or defense soon!

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