Stars in their eyes by Tyra

Stars in their eyes


29 January 2014 at 09:11:59 MST

I warned you :3
There was some traditional art to come wags

Not bad for my first try I guess - still need to get myself a white gel-pen for highlights and improve a little on my coloring technique but I like this one!

Najeli and art © by me

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Visual / Traditional


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    Very cool

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      Thank you so much :3 I will try to do some traditional art more often <3

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    thats my resolution this year is to produce more traditional stuff again! i miss it and my markers cry to be used again XD i love he nose. i wanna poke it ^.^

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      Oh yes please do! :D I would love to see marker works from you again wags
      I also missed my markers!
      I will definitely start doing more traditional stuff as soon as my current commission list is done ^^

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        i miss traditional so much, but i gotta get alllllll the stuff out then put it alllll away and i don't get much artwork time with the boys, and while all my stuff is in the office sometimes they come in while i'm working and if they saw my markers and pencils they'd make off with them or ask me 500 million times if they could use them XD

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          Oh well I see the problem here xD
          Maybe someday :3