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[PTYD] Katie C by Tygerwolfe

[PTYD] Katie C


A huge thanks to my newest Patron: Katie C.!

This Thank You Doodle was inspired by part of her email address. It looks like a particularly sneaky fox is stalking up on me with a vuvuzela. I think I'm about to be startled away from my book by a loud noise.

Want a Thank You Doodle of your own? Become a Patron!

All Patrons will receive a personalized Thank You Doodle once their first payment clears. (Patrons who were patrons before I started doing this WILL STILL GET DOODLES! It'll just be awhile as I do these in free time.)

ALL PATRONS - that's right, $1 a month (Omega) and up - get a free Thank You Doodle when they first pledge (and the payment clears)! These may even be colorized later, even if they're just Omega level.

These will be more complex for higher Patron Levels, though. An Omega doodle will be black & white. At the next tier, it will be flat color, etc. Anyone joining at the highest tiers will receive a fully painted Thank You Doodle.

These doodles may be inspired by usernames, other patrons you support, or just whatever random inspiration strikes me when you first pledge.

Art © Tygerwolfe Designs, 2017

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