To The Third Power - Chapter 7 excerpt by Tygerwolfe

Excerpt Below:

“I hate this, Dylan,” she said finally, deflating, leaning back against the headstone behind her. “My whole life, the only person I've ever really been able to talk to has been you. I hate it here. But I'm trapped. I can't leave. I can't get away... I wish I could just...” She watched as Dylan spread his wings pointedly and flapped them. She felt a slight breeze. “Yeah. I wish I could just fly away.”

'What if I told you that you can?'

She sighed. “If this is about that dream-”

'It wasn't a dream.' He hawk-walked closer to her, tottering on his talons, the awkward waddle of an aerial creature on the ground. 'You did precisely what you believe you did.'

She glared at him. “This is not the way to convince me that you aren't evidence of a psychotic break, Dylan. You're telling me that I turned into a pigeon.”

'If I can shape-shift, why not you?'

“Because you aren't REAL.”

'Are you sure of that?' He met her eyes again, and she could have sworn she caught a look of mischief flashing there. He fanned his tail, and in a rush of beating wings and russet-colored tail feathers, he flew straight at her face. The grass waved from the fury of the wind he created as he passed. She threw her hands up, but he banked at the last moment, soaring up into the sky, his wind wake blasting past her and sending her hair flying behind her.

Karyn nearly fell over in shock and stared after Dylan, up into the sky. She watched as he caught a thermal and soared up to meet the other hawk high above. Her eyes were wide, and she was trembling in a way that had nothing to do with pain or grief.

She was still sitting there, staring into the sky, when her parents found her over an hour later.

Karyn is beginning to discover what she is - and just what her lifetime best friend is as well. Find out more in Chapter 7 of To The Third Power - now live on Patreon!

To The Third Power - Chapter 7 excerpt


1 November 2016 at 13:42:53 MDT

The pieces are beginning to come together in Chapter 7! We return to Karyn Alloway on the day of her aunt's viewing. An emotional outburst and a run-in with something she can't explain will set her on the path to discovering exactly what makes her unique - and, of course, where Dylan fits in.

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