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Predator and Pray - Art by Beichtstuhl by TundraBirb

Predator and Pray - Art by Beichtstuhl


"I recall that day as tho it we're yesterday. The hallway as boring and long as ever. Suddenly stopped by a shadow, as thick as a brick and long as a tower. Intimidated and nervous. I stepped
back towards the wall. Looking him in the face, holding my composure, breathing steadily. I've always been praised for my ability to stay calm in tense situations but never faced with such
danger before. He placed a paw over my head, claws extended. As he moved in closer, and at that moment I saw him so clearly. The hunk from the drama club that's always helping Legoshi.
Suddenly, my nerves felt relaxed, and strange. A warmth had been appearing over me. I brought my wings together holding onto my book tightly. Why am I so tense suddenly, I thought?
"Oh, it's you", I said. He gave me one sniff and compliments my fragrance, At that moment, I was in a trance. I had asked if he'd like to walk with me through the halls, we talked for
awhile, and the walls became pink as the floor was decorated in hearts and confetti. Maybe it was silly. But I always did like talking to him, and his approach. Little did I know then
just how significent he became to me, and how much he's changed my life for the better"

Art by the very talented Beichtstuhl
Once again they've done tremendous work with capturing what I was going for with my silly Beastars fanfic scenario. They we're so nice, so easy to work with, and always encouraged me to
speak up if any mistakes or issues we're made with the image. I'm very happy to have done business with them and strongly encourage checking out their work!