I'm dah best by Tsunderealex

I'm dah best


19 March 2015 at 22:54:20 MDT

I ended up making a header image to use for a website my teacher made us do before our final.
If you want to check it out while it's still up go ahead. [It was a beginner webpage design class.] http://capone.mtsu.edu/amd6u/rory_dole/portfolio/

Anyways I'm happy enough with the outcome picture to upload it.
It came out night even tho I on;y spent like 8 hours on it. xD I finished something in one day it kind of blew my mind.
I'm still getting used to drawing big meaty hands of ROVA's but I still suck at hands anyways.

But yeah!!! I'm happy with how I'm able to draw now ;w; so that's all that matters to me. WELL BEING ON WINTER BREAK IS NICE THO!!!!

w> idk if it's me but I feel like I drew him with a "Bitch please say something is bad on this site" Kind of look. Because my teacher hates me because I kept falling asleep every time he would just talk in class. But I still did good work. xD

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