new species: katsae!!! by Tryana (critique requested)

new species: katsae!!! (critique requested)


20 January 2014 at 05:46:46 MST

another new species, friends!!
this is a katsa (pronounced cut-suh), and the plural is katsae (pronounced cut-say)!

katsae are omnidimensional creatures, and are born whenever a star is born! they are the tiny manifestation of every star. they live outside the concept of most logic.

stars are very sociable, so they interact with each other via their katsae forms, so that their huge counterparts don't ram each other and create galactic destruction. when katsae are fond of each other, the stars form a constellation, and they will always be close-- this event is quite rare in occurrence!
katsae are very curious and tend to visit nearby planets! they are technically immortal, as they are virtually not living beings. they can easily hide themselves from any mortal sight by existing in a different plane, but able to observe!

a katsa's form is very heavily influenced by their star's stage of life.
katsae are all sexless and have no concept of gender. you may refer to them with any pronoun!

feel free to ask additional questions of this species
this is a closed species . i plan to make adoptable and customs of them!