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The Many Stages of Michelle by Truemac

The Many Stages of Michelle


Depictions of Michelle throughout various stages of her life.

Age 17: Michelle is headstrong and hardheaded. She talks more than she listens, and is overconfident to a fault. She also doesn't have the best track record when it comes to learning from her mistakes. All of this makes her quite the inadvertent troublemaker. Nevertheless, Michelle is extremely loyal to the few that she considers friends, and will help and defend them to the very end.

Age 24: Kindhearted and gentle, Michelle always tries to leave a good impression with everyone she meets. When she sets a goal, she develops a steadfast commitment to reaching them, and can become quite competitive in the process. Michelle loves to have fun, but she also understands that there are times when she needs to sit down and get things done. Unfortunately, not all of her friends share that diligence, and her inability to assert her authority at times does nothing to help.

Age 36: "Mama-Michii", as Ron so deecided to nickname her, is lazy, free-spirited, and promiscuous with her husband. Her recen good fortune following the events of "From These Scars" has spoiled her, and she often acts rather childish about things. After spending so much time looking after others, Michelle has finally reverted into a state of everything being "all about me" - and she earned it. Her playful demeanor and tone of voice often make Ron wonder if he mistakenly married a 7-yr old.

Artwork drawn by a friend
Michelle/Mama-Michii (c) Truemac Truemac

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