Reignited Cyril by Trix Master

Reignited Cyril

Trix Master

26 January 2019 at 01:49:41 MST

Finally got this Posh boy done. Cyril is also a Magic Crafter. Honestly he's one of the more trickier dragons to actually find a spot for because I was being a bit of dumb. I was thinking of sticking him in either Artisans or Peace Keepers. Though reading more onto him, actually got me leaning more to Magic Crafter. Hear me out, his personality usually very posh. He excels at Magic rather than brute strength. Then we got his Element, ice, usually very brutal, can be seen as something beautiful and refined. So those things said I figured Magic Crafters was the go to. There's a lot more ice or snow there. There's a lot more magic there. As well as some like minded fellows. Not to mention there was Elder Wizards that use Ice based magic through out Magic Crafters.

"But Trix! You made Volteer a Magic Crafter! You can't make 2 Guardians Magic Crafters"

  1. Yes I can. Watch
  2. It's not out of the realm of possibility that both Volteer and Cyril are Magic smart guys. There's different forms of magic that dragons can definitely take in. I mean we got 1 dragon doing card/fortune magic (Zantor) and another doing Alchemy with a cauldron (Boldar) in the same level. This is not to mention that there is Tornado Wizards that use Lighting based attacks.

I would've put him in Artisan if he showed more into the fancy arts. I could not put him into Peace Keepers since he may be very arrogant and maybe difficult to work with. Not to mention that in Ice Cavern, Todor a noodley dragon Archer, has a very similar color pallet on his body.

With that said, design wise I tried to aim more of the fancier gentle magic man with Cyril here. Of course that luxurious fur to his coat. Trying to add the finesse to his design there. His belly scale pattern is based off the chest from Dawn of the Dragon's design. Let's be real that's the design that wasn't fucked up. Of course most of the design is based around A New Beginning and The Eternal Night. Because it did have more interesting markings and details.

Hope you guys enjoyed, sorry for the long ramble.

Cyril (C) Activision

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