Spoopy Challenge Day 28: Monster by Trix Master

Spoopy Challenge Day 28: Monster

Trix Master

28 October 2018 at 20:27:32 MDT

This I would've had more fun with if my room was not boiling me alive. Though let us talk on why this exists. While doing some interesting research on Lilith and some tidbits of mythology and religious bits on her. I stumbled across a few interesting things. Of course one of them is being of vampiric start ups, but let us also delve into some other things that probably makes this picture make sense.

In translations of some of the Hebrew religious writings, she was called Lamia/Lamya (If you guys are familiar with Lamia, that is a half snake lady creature from Greek mythos or usually depicted as such). While in other translations referred to her as a Great owl, or owl. Though most notably in King James version she was referred to as Screech Owl. Apparently the whole owl transition in translation was because some of the Hebrew words were pretty difficult to translate so they went with owls. Because owls are scary back then and probably still kind of are now.

Though in more recent translations (like 18th century onward) she is referred to either her name, vampires (idk why the plural either), or Night [insert bird or synonym of monster. Including the word hag]. Honestly thanks to this weird translation research, I learned Nightjars as weird as as they are exist and are a species of night hawks. Nocturnal hawks exist and the nightjar looks owl-esque... Least from the side view.

So yeah interesting things you can find in researching this particular lady. Just gonna let Lilith shapeshift to at least appeal to her victims (all the better to lure fools in right?), through her favorite forms would be around Owls because they pretty and just cool.

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