BLACK FRIDAY SALE - Closed by Trishields



25 November 2016 at 11:04:08 MST

Before you spend your hours in line at Walmart and various malls around the world, consider your closest friends here on the net! Art can be pricey, but its a rare luxury many don't have the chance or income to get for themselves. But, for us creative minds, it is almost essential to have a visual representation of your OCs and Masterpieces alike!

And don't forget to treat yourself after all that walking and waiting! Looking for a great deal this year? Look no further!

This year, I'm offering my first ever one-day sale of the highest percent off I have ever offered.

Many of my digital services are 55% off, with an optional, easy to get additional 15% off!
That means you could get a non remapping, non animated portrait (normally $22) for a mere $6.60!.
Fancy a Fullbody instead? A fullbody, full render is normally $65, but with this discount, it drops to an incredible $19.50!

Now, to get that sweet additional discount, all you need to do is make a DeviantArt journal and link it to this page. Then, comment that link to me here on this webpage so that I can see it!

Place your order on November 25th (12:00AM-11:59PM Eastern Standard Time) and enjoy the savings!

Commission Form is here:

There is no limit on how many commissions I am taking at this time.

This sale applies to portraits, digital art of any kind (full body, waist, bust, etc) of any level of shading and rendering (sketch, semi shaded or full render).

This sale applies to most digital art, but not all of it. I have excluded Reference sheets for this sale as they take an extensive amount of time to do. Pixel art also does not apply to the sale, which includes patches, avatars, dreamwork of any kind, and pixel icons or tags. Naturally, as this is a one day sale, commission forms that I do not receive within the time-frame will not apply.

Complexity and additional fees may apply.

Not sure if your idea applies? Simply note me with the question!

Examples and Pricing

11-26-16 Sale closed, thanks everyone!

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