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Pixel Art - Free~For~All~Boards by TrinketSphinx

Pixel Art - Free~For~All~Boards


Are you one of those people that like things "just so"?

A person who likes to make sure everything's correct before they buy?

Fear not! With these templates, you can fill in the beads yourself by downloading this image, opening it in Paint, selecting the largest size on offer of the primary brush, and filling in colors until you are happy with it.

Once you are, save the new file under a different name, and attach it to an e-mail containing your name and valid mailing address, then send it to my e-mail:

These boards have four hundred pixels to offer; completely filled in, each would be a twenty dollar order.

The massive amount of pixels on offer is for your benefit; go nuts! Design your own item, anyway you wish.

Once the order has been confirmed, method of payment can be discussed and you will soon have your custom-built item!

Alternatively, you can just e-mail me a written description or an e-mail of what you would like.

If you would like to see what else I have on offer, why not visit my Order Form.

And remember; there's always a raffle going on at Trinket Sphinx; click me!

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