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Wearable Pixel Art - Order Form by TrinketSphinx

Wearable Pixel Art - Order Form


How To Order:

It couldn’t be simpler. Copy-paste the section marked “Needed Information” and complete it.

If you would like some ideas of items that have already been done, why not browse the gallery? New items posted daily to the best of my ability.

Once you are happy with your order, please either note me with it, or send it to this e-mail.


This is not my PayPal, payment details will be discussed once the order is confirmed.

**Needed Information: **


E-mail Address:

Mailing Address:

Item Requested (include colors desired):

I Want To Order An Item That Isn’t In The Gallery

If you would like an item that has not yet been featured in the gallery, there are three options available:

1) Include in your order e-mail a written description of the item in question.

2) Include in your order e-mail a picture of the item in question.

3) Include in your order e-mail one of the templates I have on offer that you have filled in to your satisfaction.

$10 Templates: click me!

$15 Templates: click me!

Free-For-All Boards: click me!

These boards offer four hundred pixels on both straight and staggered boards for you to freestyle in.


If you have a sprite map that is more than 400 pixels but less then 784 pixels, (or a picture that you simply want a display piece that is as close as the medium and pixel count allows), you may e-mail it to me and I will make it for you.

These do not have a set price due to varying size of projects; please see pricing guide below.

Pricing Guide:

Wearable Pixel Art

001 ~ 100 Pixels = $5

101 ~ 200 Pixels = $10

201 ~ 300 Pixels = $15

301 ~ 400 Pixels = $20

401 ~ 500 Pixels = $25

501 ~ 600 Pixels = $30

601 ~ 700 Pixels = $35

701 ~ 784 Pixels = $40

Custom Single Image Magnetic Bookmark

Small = $5

Large = $10

Additional Image (trade my logo on the back for a second image) = $2.50

All prices cover shipping and handling for the USA; an export fee will be added to all out-of-USA orders.


"Fight Like A Girl" Magnetic Bookmark

Small = $6

Large = $12

A portion of the proceeds from these bookmarks will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Center.

I Want A Color Or Pegboard That Is Not Listed Above Or Featured In The Templates

If you desire a color that is not listed above, (be it bead, grommet, or cord), or a pegboard that is not featured in my templates, (either $10 or $15 size), there will be a New Color/New Board fee of $4.99, as that is what it will cost for the item to be obtained for you.

Please Note:

Orders of four items or more will receive a discount.

New color or pegboard orders will be added to the palette after the order is filled.

Most questions regarding the construction of these trinkets can be answered by my Tutorial; click me!

** And remember; there's always a raffle going on at Trinket Sphinx; click me! **

Submission Information

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