Robot fortune teller update by Triggur

Robot fortune teller update


9 February 2014 at 21:54:24 MST

Major progress! She's much more imposing now that she's in her cabinet. It's about 6 and a half feet tall.

More pics at:

Solid oak cabinet done except for adding trim and stain/varnish. I've moved all the electronics inside it, and I'm ready to start dressing it up and making it shine.

The splash of red on her chest is LED light leaking out her neck holes until I get the blocking put in her head.

There are 3 coin slots on the front and they'll be labeled "Life," "Love," and "Fate". Dropping a quarter in one corresponds to her picking that card and telling your fortune on that topic.

Next work: stain/varnish, add glass, add curtains, table decorations, and clothing. Add lighting effects. Record a lot of audio samples.

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    Oh man theres one of these at my parents house. My grandpa used to build these for Disney, I've always loved them so much. It looks a bit creepy right now but I really like it so far (then again these are sort of creepy when finished). What are you making this for? Job/hobby?

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      It's just for fun! I've always been fascinated with them. Creepy old mechanicals are awesome. I totally envy your grandpa.

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    Very nice work! Very good workshop or lab ^^