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Gigantomania by Trias



Commissioned by LegionBeast (FA)

This is Kleine Stimme "Kass" performing an amazing show singing in a nightclub!

YouTube video here:

LB's background insert for her:

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to introduce to you, the most beautiful songbird of our show. Please put your hands together for Kass!"

Kleine Stimme heard her nickname announced as she had her hands neatly crossed in front of her standing lap, her head down. She heard the audience clamoring before the curtain pulled and the spotlight shone on her, the applause somewhat turning into shock and awe. She lifted her head and looked into the crowd; faces who didn't know what to make of her, equally stunned by her beauty and shocked at her size. A smiled turned up the corners of her mouth as she took a step forward.

Every movement she made, she could hear the soft breathing of the audience; she never could feel stage fright anymore. Not when she realized that up here, in the spotlight, she was in control.

She took a single deep breath before she began to sing and began to further pull the audience along.

Gone were the days of any weakness or fear. On stage, her little voice was powerful.