Runs in the family by treena-turtle (critique requested)

Runs in the family (critique requested)


30 March 2019 at 00:05:26 MDT

this is the story -
Sunfire(big yellow cat) and dustywind(big brown cat that looks sad) i roleplay her got together and had two kits creekpaw(angsty looking brown cat) and dawnpaw(angsty looking white cat) who are training with the DF and i think theyre planning to overthrow windclan or smthn?
At the moment creekpaw fell into the gorge and washed to riverclan/somewhere outside of the clans so she doesnt remember shit and dawnpaw and a cat named breezeheart are murdering people together under eaglestars nose lmfao

Btw during dawnpaw and creekpaws childhood/kit-hood sunfire and dustywind got into this big argument bc dustywind found out he was mates with a bunch of other cats before her and actually had babies with the majority of them (one of them ran into camp looking for sunfire but later joined skyclan instead) so now dawnpaw and creekpaw hate their parents and are emo as fuck and train with hell now theyre both basically breezepelts

Sunfire was l8ter framed for attacking breezeheart(the leader's son btw) so sunfire was kicked out and when sootblaze(sun's sister) told dustywind fake news abt him apparently "dying in the gorge" dustywind has a moment and flips out on the entireity of windclan, blaming the leader (who she was friends with) for her mates death and basically going hysterical. Her own children, the bitchy medicine cat, and the other evil shitheads (basically everyone except Eaglestar/the leader) turned against her so she exiled herself.

Dustywind ended up finding Sunfire as a loner/rogue in twolegplace and the two decided to go join ShadowClan and restart their lives together like beautiful babes oh btw sunfire had a one night stand with the shadowclan medicine cat so thats interesting to have sunfires children unknowingly running around shadowclan camp
the shadowclan leader ended up letting them in but rn they have to prove themselves as reliable/valuable or smthn like that lmfao

Dandelionkit(orange baby) and Olianderkit(pink baby) aren't born yet but theyre going to be a 2nd litter from dusty and sun in shadowclan

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