bbrrrrrrr by Tooth.Bones



26 October 2014 at 20:52:25 MDT

its cold outside, yo.


not really

not yet

and it for SURE hasnt snowed yet

i wanted to draw something winter-y idk

fall is my favorite season

but i like the snow

hate the cold

but Sage here tries to brace it as sleepy as he is
he just woke up
he needed his morning cig, even if it was snowing!

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    Wearing shorts during winter
    seem legit ....
    I see this a lot in my area (from Wisconsin )

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      hahaha its logical right??? xD

      ive seen a lot of Juggalos that do this though

      i wont
      im a girl and i hate shorts really.

      how is wisconsin? i live in arkansas and like to know about other places c:

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        *high five * I dislike shorts , I wont get anything higher than my knees ... I am the werdio who will wear pants for the whole summer...

        I will tell you about Wisconsin if you say something about Arkansas c:

        Well winter get extremely cold here. But I like it that way. I prefer cold to hot weather.

        You can say our logic is weird
        my family will go out for ice cream... In the winter... When it's snowing outside...
        But snow is so fun.. When it's the right kind

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          i will wear pants all summer too xD

          and arkansas

          is pretty meh.
          we have extreme weather
          when its hot its blazing when its cold its an ice storm

          usually by this time of year its in the low 30's and 40's

          today it was 85


          and we like ice cream in the winter too xD i use to work at a frozen custard place
          we got more business in the winter
          and now i work at dumb sonic
          people tend to buy ice cream / shakes on cold days.
          weird. haha

          i love snow
          but i hate being cold more than anything.

          id prefer to be swimming.

          //water element fo life

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            I'm picky with the water I swim in
            There is only two lakes I would go in, which are both clear blue
            But fires get my attention , in a non creepy way

            Ice cream is best when it's cold out!

            Weird question time!
            Did you ever try to go out barefoot when there is snow on the ground.. If so
            Then I'm not alone
            If not
            Well I'm a weirdo

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              i am not a big fan of swimming in lakes ill be picky too
              creeks are my thing
              catch crawdads all DAY. lol

              im also a pyro xD

              and im pretty much barefoot 24/7 unless i have to go somewhere shoes are required xD

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                Yes! I'm not the only one for once!!!
                i prefer barefoot... I just wish my dog won't wander off to where there gravel ... Not a good time...
                Sorry if I am bothering you by the way, I'm a bit of a chatter box (now that I made the first step, you will see me comment a lot ^^')

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                  lol my dogs always want to walk in the damn rocks when im barefoot xD

                  and no youre totally fine i love conversation!

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                    Because of this I taught her a "trick "
                    The best way to explain this "trick" is that she the sheep and I am the collie, just go in front of her and she will go back
                    I know I look silly trying to guild her back home but it works,
                    She likes to wander around a lot ... But she always come back home