Re Rot Ra Rystery by Toonvasion

Re Rot Ra Rystery


5 June 2015 at 20:36:36 MDT

Not sure if anyone cares for this?

I'm sure alot of you are all 'Animate something!'

But I've always loved cartoons in the real world. And I don't just mean the ones with nice hips. Though that does help. To no ones surprise; Cool world, bonkers, Toonstruck, Stay Tooned, The Duck, Roger Rabbit, and countless cereal ads all things I greatly enjoy.
The contrast between real person and cartoon character is something I think about alot.

I wish I was skilled enough at shading so I could do something like this 100% all digitally.

I would love to super impose a cartoon on a series of pictures or video footage. I have the skill and know how to do so. Getting something like is tricky though. Would need to be made specifically for me. Maybe I should look into commissioning that or something. Would anyone be interested in doing that?

She's not a female ScoobyDoo. She's just a female of the same breed. And I imagine talks with too many Rs as well?

@ Original picture belongs to who ever the heck this is.

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