Shackle The Shackal by Toonvasion

Shackle The Shackal


30 April 2017 at 01:11:57 MDT

I know people are going ask about that other Egyptian character I made. But I just like that style of hair on egyptians and artist tend to draw things the same.

This is my half Jackal half shark girl. Making her a shackal. Her name is Shackle.

Out in the ocean is a floating island. It floats around on top of a necropolis of up-side-down pyramids. The desert island on top is pretty dangerous and if you find a gate leading to the necropolis, you'll find gravity reverses it self. You'll still be standing on the island but when you look up you'll see a 'sky' of ocean. Oddly still with a moving sun, this on being pushed by a large water-beetle and stars that shine even during the day.

Shackle lives here...gods know why...Does she rule this place or is she trapped here? She's very short tempered but will be happy to see you...anyone for that matter anyone to talk to and interact with. She's pretty reluctant to lead people back up to the surface.
She seems to listen carefully when her Eel-Snake-Staff hisses.