Mind Flayer Toon by Toonvasion

Mind Flayer Toon


12 April 2017 at 08:02:18 MDT

Some sketches trying to make a cute Mind Flayer Toon Girl

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[[The bottom right legs were based off someone else's draw]]

I need to explain too many things....A true sign of a bad concept...

This girl likes creepy crawling monsters and while at a fantasy renaissance fair put on by Toons. She mentioned that she thought it'd be awesome to be a creepy monster.

So Mind Flayers or illithids, are powerful psychic brain eating monsters from Dungeons and Dragon.

And if you think i'm a nerd for knowing that! They reproduce by having little slugs crawl inside a persons head eat the brain taking control of the body, and the body turns into the purple skins octopus monster.

Dark right?

OK. But i'm a fan of toons and fun times. And this girl is a toon. Like in Bonkers, cartoons can't hurt humans. And cartoons always have to play the part they are made for.

But what's actually happen...The slug which made of cartoon ink. It does go into her head but doesn't eat or hurt anything just tweaks some thoughts so she'll thinking cartoony and coats her body in toon ink. So she's got a toon suit and a thought modifier.

Even if you ask this girl. She will tell you her brain was eaten. And her body is now a Mind Flayer. Then maybe follow that up by telling to cower fear. Then make silly and overblown attempts to eat your brain. But something comical also seems to prevent her from doing so. She's only able to use mind powers over other cartoons And this is all reversible. Some part of her knows what's really happening. But being a cartoon is fun even if your the bad guy who always loses so she won't be trying to change back any time soon.