After a Gentle Rain II. - A. Iannaccone (Wind Band) by Tonya

After a Gentle Rain II. - A. Iannaccone (Wind Band)

After a Gentle Rain II. - A. Iannaccone (Wind Band)


2 April 2015 at 22:01:03 MDT

This is the second movement of a somewhat older recording of the wind ensemble I used to be in and this is our performance of After a Gentle Rain by Anthony Iannaccone. This is the second movement, "Sparkling Air Bursts with Dancing Sunlight".

I am playing xylophone in this piece.

Program Notes
After a Gentle Rain is a work in two contrasting movements - the first quiet, meditative, and introverted and the second sparkling, dance-like, and extroverted. The work is dedicated to Max Plank and the Eastern Michigan University Symphonic Band. The first movement, "The Dark Green Glistens With Old Reflections," begins with a gently rippling arpeggiated figure containing the main harmonic and melodic idea of the entire piece: the two superimposed major triads. The figure subtly changes color as it migrates through various registers, spacings, and doublings... Against this backdrop is painted a wide spectrum of both dark and bright mixtures of soft brass, reeds, and percussion. Those colorful mixtures constantly redefine the background and foreground of this introverted scenario. The play on the words in the title of this movement suggests images of light reflecting off moist green foliage, in turn evoking reflections "off" old memories in a quiet, meditative context. The movement "Sparkling Air Bursts with Dancing Sunlight" is extroverted and dance-like in nature. The movement gallops with the joy and freshness that seems to fill the air after a gentle rain. The cleansed air sparkles with a sense of rebirth and the celebration of life.

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