Zero Suit Toni by Tonisia Serinn

Zero Suit Toni

Tonisia Serinn

3 June 2014 at 06:38:10 MDT

Ever have one of thoes ideas that pop in your head and you have to get it out before it poofs?

Well that's what happened here XD Me in Samus Aran's Zero suit nods yup

Wee for me in something skin tight! XD

Oh and special guest appearance from Baby Metroid, caause gotta have Baby Metroid nods

So yeah, not sure if I got the symbol thingers right, I tried hehe.

now, nap time! Will be colored and all that good stuffs later

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    Dat baby metroid. <3

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      I knoow hehe I had to give the baby metroid some love!

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        Glad you did! he(she?) is adorable. <3 as is your adorable snow leopard. you made the zero suit look so natural on her.

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          I wonder if Metroids have genders? XD And yeah hehe, I was surprised on how well it like looks on her. I also plan on coloring this at some point XD

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            Cannot wait then! ;D and that is actually a good question! I wonder if metroid lore states it anywhere.

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              ^^ hmm might have to look it up sometime