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Baa Baa Black Wolf by Tonin

Baa Baa Black Wolf

Baa Baa Black Wolf

It's not easy being brutal
Standing tall and acting strong
My fangs and claws support it
But still, it feels wrong

Rending sheep and ravaging
Across the countryside
Is clearly what I'm made for
Although I must confide

I'd really rather be a sheep
So soft and fuzzy white
To frolic with a friendly flock
And snooze with them at night

But I'm as nature made me
A wolf with teeth that tear
Horror who stalks the silent night
Alone with my despair

It's not easy being brutal
And it's not where I belong
But that's all a wolf is good for
Standing tall and acting strong

--Tonin, January 15 2015

Baa Baa Black Wolf


19 January 2015 at 16:32:01 MST

This was supposed to be sillier than it is. Sometimes silly and I don't get along well.

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    You've definitey got elements of humor in here, although yeah it flirts with the serious the whole way through. As a result, there's a lot of tension here between wistful desire and cruel cynicism.

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      I suppose there's some depressing angle to everything if you look at it the right (wrong?) way. *nods*
      And thanks, I'm glad it was enjoyable. ^^