Someday by Tonin



Someday I'll say I'm sorry
And go my way with grace
And take that path unwinding
To a different kind of place

Someday the stars will beckon
And I'll have not heart to say
Any words except I'm sorry
Before I go astray

For every dog has demons
With which he must contend
While wolves, they must know freedom
Before they meet their end

And so I'll say I'm sorry
On that day that I depart
For though I am a dog to you
I am a wolf at heart

-- Tonin, December 8, 2012



22 January 2014 at 21:43:42 MST

An older poem I'm still quite fond of.

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      Thanks much, I'm pleased you enjoyed it. ^^

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    Aw, nice. And Weasyl formatted it like a scrap of white paper. ^^

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      Thanks. ^^ And yeah, I'm liking most of the formatting and technical stuff here much more than FA. Now if only I didn't need to use escape characters for carets and asterisks...

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        You might try formatting the text like code. Insert 4 spaces before every line or paragraph.

        Someday I'll say I'm sorry
        And go my way with grace
        And take that path unwinding
        To a different kind of place

        A short paragraph:

        "Okay, running calibration..." Snyder docked a computer pad to the control box around Mud's waist. "A minute..."

        A long paragraph:

        By that time they all noticed how the room started to vibrate. A line of pulverizing artillery charges swept over the street above, and as the tremor reached it's peak the ceiling lamp flickered and died off. Sergei watched while Snyder worked in the dark, the wolf's face illuminated by the touchscreen interface. The shielding absorbed the blows, Sergei said to himself. Otherwise we'd be buried in rubble already.

        Two paragraphs in succession:

        Mud breathed slowly, yelping each time Snyder pressed a red button or confirmed a dialog box. Sergei tried not to think about him, about those tiny blood stains forming around the places where the probes dug into his skin.

        "First stage of diagnostics is... Done. Okay, trying spinal noise now, hold him." Snyder said.

        ^ Only the beginning is indented, and there must be an empty line before and after the paragraph.

        So, I guess you should be okay as long as your text processor inserts a tab or 4 spaces at the beginning of each paragraph. (Well, if you're okay with text being in Courier font.) The bigger problem, though, is that the "code" formatting doesn't care about word hyphenation or split. It just splits right through the words.

        Oops, what's wrong with me? Posting unreleased stuff. B3