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Stealth Shark Infiltration by Todex

Stealth Shark Infiltration


Original Creation Date: March 30th, 2014

Ah yeah. So I needed a header picture for my Patreon, which I had created in April last year :>
Since I had no idea how to approach that (there weren't many people using patreon for this kinda stuff back then, hard to believe, I know!), I played it safe with this thing xD

Me, back then:

StealthShark is linking up the TDXLabs extranet to the Patreon Mainframe as we speak.

This surveillance footage is classified material. By studying the footage, you automatically agree to have your brain wiped of your short term memory contents.
Thanks for your cooperation.

I'm going to explore Patreon for use as a side-project :]
I've posted a journal about this, so I'll keep the rambling here short, read the -> journal or jump directly to the Project page:

So I needed a page picture and figured, why not illustrate by which means I get access to the site! Besides I haven't done a shark with a facemask so far and they look hot! P:<
Of course I totally ripped off Minority Report for this, but yanno it is way more epic when there isn't some strange mind-fucked actor on the wires, but a PROPER intruder!
Also I needed to find an excuse to play around with picture distortion effects!

StealthShark is © Me

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    awesome work, man ^^