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[Commission] Brox the Blastoise - Sketch by tjdolphin (critique requested)

[Commission] Brox the Blastoise - Sketch (critique requested)


This is a commission from DriverGamer127 DriverGamer127 of his new blastoise OC, Brox. An ex-military commander who ironically enough for his type is mostly a veteran of desert battle, he’s the adoptive father of Driver’s other pokémorph OCs. While he’s a fearsome warrior, he’s sweet and loving, and can get downright kinky at times. Here, it appears that his tank top is a bit too small. Although something tells me he likes where it’s going.

Pokémon and blastoise are properties of Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures, and the Pokémon Company. This fanart was not officially endorsed. Brox was created by DriverGamer. All rights reserved.