Fanart - Mae by TinyFoxThing (critique requested)

Fanart - Mae (critique requested)


24 June 2017 at 14:38:04 MDT

I really like Mae.
Go buy the game if you haven't already.

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    Wow this is really clean. I think you did well on the character as well as the estavlished pose. I do feel like he could be leaning a bit more, or something to create more interest in the pose in general. Though it stands well on its own.

    I like your perspective and coloring, though I feel you could have pushed more shadows and hughlights, and perhaps selected a more contrasting color for the background. If only because it would put more emphasis on the character again?

    Overall though, love this style, cute, crisp and well rendered.

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      Thank you so much for critiquing! I really strive for these, to learn from mistakes I can't see or didn't notice at first!
      I definitely agree with the pose, I feel I was close but still needed to push it. I also wanted to keep it kinda flat colored since this is the first time I've done line-less art.
      As for the background, totally agree. I was trying to find the right colors and some didn't work out or just cased too much much attention then the character itself.
      I stuck with that color because I'm impatient and wanted to release more artwork.

      Thank you again for the critique and the compliments! I really appreciate it! <3

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        Apologies for the bad spelling in it! Was typing it on my phone at work! Either way I did feel you did good for the piece! But those were the little things I noticed.

        I'm a huge color nut, so that stood out to me the most!

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    Love your take on her :D The colours and shape you used really fit <3