Trixter the Banette by Tikki303

Trixter the Banette


1 May 2020 at 19:36:12 MDT

Ayyyy my internet is finally letting me post images! This was a drawing that I wanted to try something different with when it comes to shading and lighting, and that mostly came in just taking the shading I do already and crank it up to 11 haha. Either way have a nameless Banette OC dude! I have waaay too many nameless ocs fdkjghdfkjg

I was thinking of naming him Trixter cause it sounds nice and I’m bad at names fgkjdhfgkjd I don’t know what his story would even be but now that I’ve drawn him I l o v e him and want to draw him more! As with most of my new OC designs, I didn't put all that much thought into them (wow just roast myself) and his design will most likely get more streamlined and change more as I draw him!

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