COMMISSION OPENING | basalisk | Telegram Stickers by tigeus

COMMISSION OPENING | basalisk | Telegram Stickers


4 September 2018 at 15:43:49 MDT

I thought I might let you guys in on a new commission opening - these telegram stickers are ROUGHLY $8 each! (Leave wiggle room for character complexity + standins!)
My turnaround is generally quite fast (this one here took a day on the weekend!) and I would love to discuss a commission with you, regardless of if you want to order one, or order twenty! :'D

If you're interested - chat with me about the details, you can either reach me here, on any of the below social media, or on Telegram (@tigeus) or Discord (tiger#5000)! Thank you <3

art / yours truly - tigeus/tigertakeaway!
design/character / rightful owner (mentioned above!)
Do not use this artwork in any way - including tracing, attempting to imitate, re-uploading, and so-on - without my expressed permission. 

Commissions are Semi-Open (minimal options available) - see prices at my website!
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- Tiger