OCs for SALE AND TRADE! by tigeus



15 August 2018 at 23:55:47 MDT

Sorry if you've seen this twice - but I just have so many OCs left to get new homes!
Furries/Anthros, ferals, humans, pastels, neons alike - this is the product of almost 6 years of OC collecting!

Please stay inside that folder for now! You can offer on characters in Unsorted, but some of 'em are on hold, and will be much harder to obtain.
By the way - the pricetag doesn't mean the character is for money only. It's only there to indicate value, so you can also offer art of a similar or close price! (Please don't underprice yourself!) Any characters with "$?" as their name don't have a set value or were obtained in trade, so you're welcome to offer whatever! Haggling is welcome. Just be fair!

You can reach me via Discord (tiger#5000), Twitter (@tigertakeaway) or Telegram (@tigeus) if you want a quick response! Thank you!

art / yours truly - tigeus/tigertakeaway!
design/character / rightful owner (mentioned above!)
Do not use this artwork in any way - including tracing, attempting to imitate, re-uploading, and so-on - without my expressed permission.