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Grimwood: A New Age of Tanis (art by Finimun) by Tigershard

Grimwood: A New Age of Tanis (art by Finimun)


Being a mummy is never easy. Just ask Tanis.

She was subjected to a mummification ceremony in her youth, to be preserved for generations. She woke up from her eons-long slumber, skin black as charcoal but smooth after gathering special lotion from a nearby spa. She then attended the monster-populated Grimwood School, making friends, performing in projects, and graduating with flying colors.

Unfortunately, there was a problem with where to go from here.

She was old enough to know the concept of love, but while her mind matured, her body remained the same. Even as she claimed she was much older than she appeared, not everyone believed her.

Tanis then remembered something in her homeland to deal with this issue. Opening back up her old tomb, she found a bottle with special bath salts stored by her mother. One said to add years to one's life. This was the perfect solution for her.

She borrowed a spa room for the evening and added the salts to the warm water filling up the tub.

Within the hour, she felt her body beginning grow, showing signs of the aging-focused chemicals taking effect. A strange heat filled her up, as if she was given new life (though she technically wasn't alive).

She stepped out after another hour. The mummy took a good look at herself to find she is no longer a mummy girl, but a mummy WOMAN; one that finally left the stages of adolescence.

A new Tanis was born, and that required new wrappings.

Luckily, a pair of large scarab beetles came by with rolls of the finest bandages to date, and were kind enough to help dress her up.

Such is the miracle of science and medicine.

Tanis Mummy © Warner Bros/Hannah-Barbera

art by finimun

Originally posted on 10/31/2018.

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